Licensed Massage Therapist and QHHT Houston

"HANK'S HANDS MT111594" Licensed Massage Therapist 45 South Just past 610 Loop @ Howard & Bellfort exit  *Specialty... Glute Work,  Low Back Pain, Upper Back Pain, Shoulders and Neck Tension, Hands and Feet*   (for men and women)




Therapeutic Massage Services Located:

Houston, Tx 77017

Private Parking & Entrance on Side Gate

All sessions are by appointment only

You may reach me at 832 267 6594



Hey Guys I am back...

 I've been teaching Advanced Swedish Massage, Hydro-therapy, Hot Stone, Russian Sports, Cranial Sacral, Acupressure,

 Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Shiatsu and Reflexology for the past 2.5 years...

Now I am focusing back on my clients to practice my new skills on my former and new clients...

*New improved rates and I still offer the most thorough Swedish Sports Massage in the city*

Available: Monday thru Friday 8AM until 8PM... Saturday and Sunday 10AM until 8PM

* The last appointment of the day starts at 8PM week days... and 8PM on weekends*




60 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage... 2 times per month $50 = $100 in advanced

60 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage... 2 times per month $70 = $140 in Advanced 0ver 200lbs

90 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage... 2 times per month $90 = $180 in Advanced 

60 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage... 3 times per month $50 = $150 in Advanced

60 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage... 3 times per month $70 = $210 in Advanced Over 200lbs 

90 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage... 3 times per month $90 = $270 in Advanced

60 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage... 4 times per month $50 = $200 in Advanced

60 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage... 4 times per month $70 = $280 in Advanced Over $200lbs

90 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage... 4 times per month $90 = $360 in Advanced

Normal Rates: CALL ONLY: 832 267 6594

60 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage $60... Under 200lbs only... No Deep Pressure

60 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage $80... Deep Pressure if desired

90 Minutes Swedish Sports Massage $100... Deep Pressure if desired


Between 8AM to 8PM

Thank you!






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Effect of Massage on the human body

Massage effects every system in the body on so many levels. Beginning at the cellular level to the psychological and emotional level. My massage can take you from "fight or flight" to "rest and digest" in a matter of moments.
My desire is to help you feel better via the many effects of massage such as decreasing depression, enhancing immune functions, increasing attentiveness, increasing neuromuscular functions, reducing pain and stress.
I meditate and raise my vibrations  before each session to tap into the clients higher self to make the experience more intuitive and harmonious!
I offer guided meditation and energy work for those interested in expanding their consciousness.

About the Therapist:


The 7th of 9 siblings Henry was destined to become a licensed massage therapist. He began giving massage at an early age starting with his father and siblings who were all involved in sports. His father always said Henry had magic hands. Henry loved the extra weekly allowance.

After graduating from high school Henry moved to Houston and joined the US Army Reserve. He scored the highest in sciences on the entrance exam and decided to try to become a doctor with the military paying his way. He graduated from the Academy of Health Sciences in San Antonio with academic honors. Combat medical specialist was his title.

While in the military Henry stumbled into a professional ballet dance career while taking classes to keep in shape. Once again Henry was performing massages on his fellow dancers on tour and in rehearsals, forgetting about being a doctor all together. 20 years later Henry recently retired from concert dance and healing arts entered his thoughts again.

While doing research on massage therapy online, he received an email about a local massage therapy school. In that moment his fate was sealed. Henry graduated from ATI massage therapy school at the top of his class. Maintaining a 4.0 graduating "Suma Cum Laude".

Henry always believed that there had to be a better way of healing the body besides surgery and prescription pharmaceuticals. He studied about the body’s energy centers called Chakras and alternative methods of healing through touch and energy work. 

In March 2013 Hank earned a certification to practice Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. There is a better way to heal and Hank is dedicated to bring these therapies to the mainstream.

Currently Jan 2014 thru 2015: Henry is a Massage Therapy Instructor at the Texas Center for Massage Therapy a Steiner Group Affiliate. Henry teaches the Acupressure and Cranial Sacral the energetic modalities. Has instructed Shiatsu, Russian Sports, Advanced Swedish, Hydrotherapy, Chair Massage and Swedish Massage Core. 


Henry loves Chair Massage and picks up sessions with Infinite Massage and is in the process of "Consultiing" for an up and coming chair massage business. With the more esoteric fundamentals of massage in the business plan :-)


Henry’s father passed in 2003. He took on his name sakes nickname Hank. Naming his massage practice “Hank’s Hands”, in loving memory of his beloved father.

Resume for Massage Therapy

Objective  Seeking to heal as many bodies as I can one body at a time.

Summary of Qualifications:

Completed ATI Career Training Center for Professional Therapy Program

Hours of study include: Swedish Massage, Anatomy & Physiology. Kinesiology, Pathology, Hydrotherapy, Health & Hygiene, First Aid & CPR, Universal Precautions, Business Practices &  Professional Ethics. Massage Therapy Laws & Rules, Clinical / Administrative Skills, Marketing / Research & Sales, Cash Handling, Comfortable using all types of standard office equipment & data, Strong communication effectively with other employees in all levels of the organization as well as the general public


Diploma in Professional Massage Therapy / 600 Hours

ATI Career Training Center, Houston, Texas

Awards: Executive Director, Perfect Attendance / Academic Excellence

4.0 GPA maintained from start to finish

License: Professional Massage Therapist MT111594


ATI Massage Clinic

Houston, Texas

40 Hours hands on / 12 Hours of Business & Ethics

Diploma in Combat Medical Specialist Course

Acaademy of Health Science

FT Sam Houston, San Antonio. Texas

Awards: Commander's Awards for Academic excellence


Margo Marshall School of Ballet

Nationally Accredited School

Houston, Texas



 Licensed Massage Therapist

Owner of Hanks Hands MT111594

Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist

Houston Texas 77017


Texas Center for Massage Therapy

A Steiner Group Afflilate

Massage Therapy Instructor

Houston, Texas



 Infinite Massage

Corporate Chair Massage

Licensed Massage Therapist

Cypress, Texas 

Hank 2017

LMT 111594